Slow-Pitch Softball: What's up with the gloves?


Now I understand that I'm getting old, and it's been a while since I've played in an actual game or anything, but at one time I did play some slow-pitch softball. Once I finished playing baseball, I spent some time running around the slow-pitch softball world with a few different teams. The one thing I can tell you that was the same with each group I played with, we all liked our gear, and we wanted it to look good.

We had way too many uniforms, jackets, sweatshirts, hats, and bats, and we loved it. It seemed like each year the styles would change and we'd get a little more loud with our look. It was a little more challenging back in those days to get everything customized and ordered to our liking, but we got it done, and we were lucky enough to have some sponsors to help us out. The one item we never considered customizing to our liking was our gloves. Back in those days, customizing your glove wasn't a simple process, and it's was very expensive.

I occasionally catch a slow-pitch game now and then, and I can say the styles have continued to get louder and players seem to still like their gear (and there's nothing wrong with that). Slow-pitch teams have embraced the freedom that comes with being away from the game of baseball (at least the game of baseball the way it's played in the US). They've ditched the traditional and conservative styles and embraced the ability to express themselves (similar to the rest of the world playing the game of baseball). The "make baseball fun again" push by Bryce Harper has already happened in the game of slow-pitch softball. So slow-pitch players, what's up with the gloves?

Slow-pitch players still seem to be using very traditional looking, stock gloves. They don't match the rest of the flare seen on that field. Gloves are one of the few things a player uses that can be completely customized to match their style and personality: your glove should be you!

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Planning, designing, and ordering a custom glove is effortless and very affordable today. Buckler Sports has leather options that'll work with most budgets. Their TX and USA steerhide allow you to order a glove with pro stock leather for less than the cost of a stock glove from the big names. They also offer a Java kip leather that's not a pro stock option, but it's still very high-quality leather. Their Java kip leather is an excellent option if you're on a stricter budget; you won't be disappointed in this leather.

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