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We're lucky enough to have some good friends involved in the men's fastpitch world, and they've taught us a lot about their game. One of the first things we learned: this is a high-speed game, and the defense needs to handle that demand.

In fastpitch, the field they play on is smaller than a baseball field. The bases are only 60 feet apart (baseball bases are 90 feet apart), and because of this, the defense has minimal time to field and throw the ball. The quickness required to play defense successfully has caused fastpitch players to prefer baseball gloves over slow-pitch gloves.


Slow-pitch gloves are designed with larger pockets to help you secure the ball in a game that's packed full of offense and produces runs at a very high rate. The glove is designed to have a large, forgiving pocket that ensures that it will swallow the ball (when and if you have the opportunity to catch it). This design is the exact reason that most fastpitch players don't like using slow-pitch gloves to play defense. They don't want the ball swallowed by the glove; they need to catch the ball and transfer it to their throwing hand rather quickly. Men's fastpitch players prefer to use baseball gloves because of the shallow pocket; it allows for a quicker transfer.

MAESTRO - MT1156HB.jpg

We think one of Buckler Sports baseball designs is perfect for the game of fastpitch. The DD-Palm design places a wedge between the index and middle finger that creates a pocket with slightly more width and depth (we're talking about a slight change). This design is becoming more and more popular in the game of baseball, and we think it's a perfect fit for the men's fastpitch game as well. It gives fastpitch defenders just a little more room in the pocket to catch the larger ball but keeps the pocket shallow for a quick transfer (Buckler Sports also offers the DD-Palm design in their women's fastpitch gloves).

Currently, Buckler Sports offers the DD-Palm pattern on individual models throughout their entire baseball glove line up (Fame, Pro Victor, and Matrix). But the DD-Palm is the only pattern used on their new Maestro Series coming soon to Earl Sports Co. The Maestro Series is an excellent option for men's fastpitch and baseball players everywhere.

One additional note, we do have slow-pitch players that prefer using the DD-Palm design over a standard slow-pitch glove. So depending on your personal preference, we'll have something that'll work for your game.



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Jim Egan