What We're Reading: One Shot at Forever


We've all heard the famous Rogers Hornsby quote: "People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring." We hear you, Rogers.

With opening day still months away, it feels like there's an awful lot of window-staring left to go. We've found that if you can't flip on the TV or radio to catch a game, however, getting lost in an awesome baseball book can sometimes do the trick. So if you've been Netflix-binging too much lately, we highly recommend you check out Chris Ballard's One Shot at Forever. It's a seriously great read, and if you love baseball, you'll absolutely love this true story of the 1971 high school squad from tiny Macon, Illinois. (No spoilers ahead, we promise.)

The 1971 Macon Ironmen. Photo courtesy of the  Illinois Times ( May 24, 2012).

The 1971 Macon Ironmen. Photo courtesy of the Illinois Times (May 24, 2012).

We've got some former coaches on the team here at Buckler, and among many other themes, One Shot offers a really interesting perspective on how you might get a group of players to play their best. More importantly, however, it's a book about the incredible effects baseball can have on the lives of young people -- and even on an entire town. Which is right up our alley, because we've seen the impact a truly special glove can have on a young ballplayer; in fact, we just wrote about that.

Have a great baseball read to recommend? Shoot us a tweet and we'll spread the word! And as always, if you're ready to customize your dream glove, get started here.


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