The Life of a Backup Glove


Everyone loves to be a priority: first string, the favorite, numero uno, the top dog. The problem is, not everyone can be. Whether it's catchers, quarterbacks, or power sources, there are great backups everywhere -- loyal, hard-working, and always ready to step in and get the job done at a moment's notice. At Buckler, we love backups, too. Backup gloves, that is.

2016's most beloved backup. What a guy.  Photo credit: Charles LeClaire,

2016's most beloved backup. What a guy. Photo credit: Charles LeClaire,

See, every backup glove has its own story. Maybe you're a middle infielder who usually takes a beautiful 11.5" Matrix out to your position, but every now and then you roam the outfield when your center fielder calls in sick. Maybe you're a first baseman who's rocked the same trusty mitt for the last nine years, but since it's one scoop away from falling to pieces, you know you'd better have some quality reserve leather tucked in your bag in case of an emergency. Or maybe you're a DH, and your "backup" glove isn't a backup by definition but in spirit, living a backup's life without ever actually having a first-string glove to back up.

Whatever the situation, you're probably looking for a few simple things from a backup: comfort, reliability, and a great price. For example, while a custom Fame is an amazing deal for a head-turning everyday glove, if you're like us, your budget for a backup is considerably smaller -- which is where our high-quality, crazy-affordable Vintage and Vogue series come in handy.

The best part? We send these beauties out into the world well prepared (and even excited) to lead the life of a backup, saving you that awkward conversation when your Buckler package hits your mailbox.

Struggling to find the right backup for your 2017 campaign? It's not always easy, but we can help -- so let's chat.