Show Some Love to Your DH!


We're looking at you, shortstops. And yeah -- you too, center fielders. You love your glove. It's a part of you, of your identity on the field. We totally get it. Maybe you're falling in love with your new Fame or Matrix as you read this.

And look, we know you're a good teammate. When you discovered Buckler, you told your first baseman because you knew he was in the market for some new leather. You hooked up your bullpen catcher with this beauty because the guy works his tail off all season long. But we thought you could use a friendly reminder about the guy you probably forgot to show love this holiday season: your DH.

You might laugh, but hear us out on this: The guy may not be a gifted defender -- maybe he can't even hit you in the chest from 90 feet -- but you know as well as we do that he's as big a part of your squad as anyone. Every day, he's right there in the 6-hole, picking up those late-inning RBI that always seem to get the dugout going.

So while he won't be making a diving play in the hole anytime soon, he still deserves a holiday gift -- and that's where our batting gloves come in. Do a good deed for your pal, and send him some fresh new Buckler BGs. Or better yet, score a new Fame, Matrix, Vintage, or Vogue by 12/30/16 and the batting gloves we toss in for free can go straight to your glove-deprived teammate.

You can thank us next time he drives you in with a game-winning single.

Andrew Bennett