Buckler Glove Spotlight: The Vogue


If you've been checking in on us recently, you've probably noticed how pumped we are to tell people about our glove series -- so far, we've previewed the Fame, Matrix, and Vintage, awesome options for professional, college, and high school players serious about finding a great glove at the right price.

But don't worry, recreational players, we didn't forget about you! You love the game, and finding the right glove still matters: You don't want to settle for a cheaply made glove just because you're not playing competitively anymore.


Meet the Vogue, a well-made glove that will hang with you for as long as you keep the game in your life. Still not sure which model is right for you? No worries -- talking gloves is pretty much our favorite thing to do, so shoot us a note or a tweet any time.

(Oh, we're Instagram guys, too.)

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