Non-Profits We Love: Keep Playing Baseball


One of the best things about baseball is that there are so many great people giving back to the game in interesting, meaningful ways. At Buckler, we love getting to know those folks and learning their stories. Keep Playing Baseball is one of our favorites, a non-profit devoted to providing totally free information and resources to high school players hoping to compete at the college level.

(Check out their story here. It's a good one.)

Fulfilling the dream of playing college baseball is all about crafting -- and following -- the right plan, and KPB provides a terrific year-by-year roadmap, with regular contributions by players and coaches who've been there and done it, at all levels of college baseball.

Whatever else you're doing to prepare for making the leap to college baseball, we'd highly recommend you complement it by keeping an eye on the consistently great content from our friends at KPB. And then, when you feel like talking leather, give us a shout!