Getting You the Glove You Love


We have a pretty simple philosophy when it comes to glove-buying: If you're a ballplayer visiting our site, we don't want you to buy a Buckler glove if you're anything less than 100% thrilled (like why-can't-the-mail-come-any-faster-because-I-need-my-new-glove-yesterday excited) about the model you've chosen. Maybe that makes us a little different from other glove companies, but we're okay with that. The only thing we want to sell you is a glove you absolutely love.

It's an exciting time for us right now. We're a young company, and we're growing quickly because word is getting out about how much ballplayers across the country are loving their new Buckler gloves. That unfortunately means that sometimes we might not have a particular model in stock at the moment you decide it's the right leather for you.

So, if you're glove-shopping on our site and discover that we're out of the glove (or pair of batting gloves) you want, don't despair -- odds are we're making more as fast as we can, so send us a note or a tweet and we'll do whatever we can to get the glove you want on your hand as quickly as possible.


The Buckler team