Organization Spotlight: The National Club Baseball Association


If you're familiar with college baseball, you might know a little bit about its different levels and governing bodies: the NCAA's Divisions I, II, and III; the NAIA; and the NJCAA, with its own Divisions I, II, and III.

Each of those levels has its share of talented student-athletes and hard-fought competition, but what you might not know (many people don't!) is that there is also a thriving community of club baseball programs at colleges and universities across the country, with its own contingent of talented players passionate about playing competitive baseball to complement their academic efforts.

It's pretty cool stuff, and we'd recommend you check out the National Club Baseball Association (which also features a Division II) to learn more -- like how the NCBA just added its 300th team.

At Buckler, we admire the ballplayers at every level of college baseball (after all, we were college players ourselves once!), whether you're competing for a berth in the Division I College World Series in Omaha or thinking about starting a club team because your college doesn't have one yet.

Whatever your involvement, Buckler's Fame and Matrix were designed with you in mind. So if it's time for some new leather, why not save a ton over the big brands without sacrificing quality materials or craftsmanship? Like your commitment to college baseball, it just makes sense.

Do you play for a collegiate club team? Tell us about it!

Andrew Bennett