Buckler Glove Spotlight: Slow-Pitch Series


Not too long ago (okay, quite some time ago), we were competitive baseball players ourselves, and we'll admit it: At the time, we didn't really understand the appeal of slow-pitch softball. But hey, we totally get it now...it's a blast. (Even if you're not these dudes.)

Whatever your level of competitiveness on the slow-pitch spectrum, chances are you just want a comfortable glove that works, something affordable that does its job and stays out of your way while you and your teammates enjoy hot summer evenings -- equal parts innings and cookouts -- for years to come.

If that's the case, take a look at our slow-pitch series. We're pretty sure you'll find some quality leather you really like, at a price that's likely to leave plenty of room in your budget for those crazy new spikes you've been eyeing. (Sorry, Buckler doesn't sell footwear yet. We're too obsessed with gloves.)

Oh, and if you play in one of those leagues where you're allowed to hit as many taters as you want, don't forget that it's probably time for some fresh batting gloves -- which is why we're throwing in a free pair with any Fame, Matrix, Vintage, or Vogue purchase through 12/30/16. (Be sure to let us know if you don't see the color or style you want. We're adding new combos as fast as we can.)

If you haven't noticed, we love talking all things baseball and softball. Questions about pockets, webs, laces, or tandem relays? Drop us a line and we'll get you some answers, fast.