It's the Holidays: Buy a Glove, and Your Batting Gloves Are on Us


So it might almost be time for snowflakes to start falling on your local diamond (depending on where you live, of course -- yes, we're jealous of you, California!), but that's no reason to stop thinking about the most important piece of equipment you'll be taking to your first practice of 2017, in just a few short months. In fact, if you can't smell freshly cut grass (or even if you can), some brand new leather is probably the next-best baseball aroma.

(We're open to a Twitter discussion about that, by the way.) 

Anyway, that's why -- in the spirit of the holiday season -- we're keeping our website-launch sale prices ($50 off all Fame models, for example) going through 12/30/16, with an added bonus: a free pair of batting gloves to go along with any Fame, Matrix, Vintage, or Vogue purchase.

We're so excited about this deal, we actually wish it didn't have to end at all; but unfortunately, our batting gloves have been pretty popular so far and, well, we can't give ALL of them away. We know you understand.

Not a ballplayer yourself, but thinking about a Buckler gift? Tell us about the player you're surprising, and we'll make sure your present is a clutch hit.

Happy holidays,

The Buckler team