110 | Maple | Meridian

110 | Maple | Meridian


Medium barrel (~2.45″) with a  gradual, consistent taper into a thin handle. The 110 is one of the most popular turning profiles in our repertoire, or anyone’s for that matter. It’s a great bat with something that appeals to everyone.

·      Manufacturer: Meridian Baseball Co.

·      Turn Model: 110

·      Wood: Maple

·      Finish: Ebony Stain | Gloss

·      Length: 31-34 inch (.5” increments)

·      Weight: Drop -3

·      Barrel Color: Black

·      Handel Color: Black

·      Label Color: Chrome

·      Raw Material: Hand-split billets

·      Turning Method: CNC Lathe (not hand turned) 

·      Ink-Dot: Yes

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It is important to know that you’re swinging a product made from an organic material; no two trees or pieces of lumber are the same. So with that being said, it is entirely possible for one to hit with the edge grain on maple a thousand times without ever having a problem, and have a break the first time using the face grain. But generally speaking, you’re best using the face grain side to make contact when using maple, and the edge grain when using ash, where research has shown each species to be at its strongest.