Why aren't high-quality gloves more affordable?

Before we started selling Buckler gloves in early 2016, we noticed something strange about the glove market: Players were forced to choose between a really nice, crazy-expensive glove from one of the big-name brands or a much cheaper option that didn't last very long or fit quite right. We thought, where's the middle ground? 

It dawned on us that a player shouldn't have to spend an entire year's equipment budget just to take the field wearing an awesome glove made from quality materials. That's why Buckler gloves are built to fit, feel, and perform every bit as well as the most expensive options on the market -- but at prices that actually make sense.

Over the years, we've played and coached at every level from youth softball to professional baseball, and one thing we've learned is that players everywhere want gloves that look fantastic, feel great, and last for lots of innings and seasons. We're pretty sure Buckler has perfected that combo, and now we're excited for you and your teammates to experience it for yourselves. 

Thanks for checking us out -- we hope you find something you love!

P.S. Curious where the name "Buckler" comes from? We can explain.